Thursday, March 1, 2012

So by some miracle today I came by a post Minos on Polycount who did a really badass modular environment scene called DM_Zest.  On top of being a really awesome level, I was in awe that he used so few textures and I was curious as to how he made them.  Luck would have it that he did not have just one but three tutorials from his work on modular environments and textures.  After playing around with it, this was my result.

I'm pretty impressed by how simple the process really is and rather amazed at the results.  Raul has also shown me a very nice texture tutorial from Racer445 on Polycount and Next Gen Hard Surface that was purely amazing.

I'm going to take what I've learned the past few days and apply them to XOi's room and to Shadowmourne when I'm done modeling it and have a super awesome day of texturing.  Well, days... XD

Here are the tuts:

DN Zest Modular Environments and Textures

Racer445 Texture Tut

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