Thursday, March 1, 2012

Been learning a lot with textures for games in a short time.  Nothing new to show yet as I'm still cleaning things up but I will have some new stuff shortly.  Trying also to keep myself from getting burned out on this project so I have started a new model for kicks.  Took me few to think of something fun and I ran across one of my favorite looking weapons from World of Warcraft, Shadowmourne.  Ya I'm a geek, but I just love the look of this axe so I decided to go all out on it and make a higher end low poly model.

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  1. Hello JCarp, how did you go about making the head? I am currently making a lowpoly model of Shadowmourne, and being new in 3D I am having an issue finding a good way to model it. Do you have any advise?
    This is my progress:
    Haven't worked on it for so long. :)