Sunday, February 5, 2012

So it begins- XOi's room

So I've been busy the past few with new work assignments for school.  The project this semester is the Adventures of XOi and B.  I'm going hard into environment art and I have been assigned the pleasure of XOi's room.  It's goning to be a small space but packed with random tidbits, I think it will shape up to lot's of fun.  The theme is a kind of futuristic yet old school steam punk feel which just happens to be an area I'm not comfortable with but I enjoy the challenge.

The first shot is XOi's teddy bear low poly and textures (WIP) and wire-frame of course.  The second is a projector he uses to watch old movies.  I included the high poly model on the right with wire-frame as it is the first hard surface model I've done in a while and I really enjoyed working on it.  It was a nice change of pace from organics and characters.

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